Usamm Shadow Box

Shadow Box Display Cases for Your Collectibles


Welcome to! Are you looking for an elegant and stylish way to display your collectibles? Look no further than our amazing shadow box display cases from USAMM! These stunning display cases are perfect for highlighting your most prized possessions and adding a touch of class to any room. Keep reading to discover the various styles and sizes available for your next display case.

Small Shadow Box Display Cases

Do you have smaller items to display, such as lapel pins, medals, or other keepsakes? Our small shadow box display cases are perfect for you! These compact cases come in a variety of colors to suit your tastes and needs. Display your cherished items with pride in a convenient and stylish way.

Some key features of our small shadow box display cases:

  • Compact design for easy display anywhere
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Perfect for small keepsakes and collectibles

Medium Shadow Box Display Cases

Looking for something a bit larger to display your special items? Our medium shadow box display cases are just what you need! Designed with a bit more space, these cases are perfect for displaying a wider range of items. Choose from several colors and styles to match your particular decor.

Some key features of our medium shadow box display cases:

  • Larger space for a wider display of items
  • Available in multiple colors and styles
  • Perfect for displaying special collectibles, display rare coins with pride!

Large Shadow Box Display Cases

Do you need something truly grand to display your iconic collection? Our large shadow box display cases might just be the answer! With ample space, you can display your larger items or a combination of smaller ones with ease. Not to mention, the larger size makes it an ideal centerpiece for any room.

Some key features of our large shadow box display cases:

  • Ample space for highlighting your iconic collection pieces
  • Available in multiple colors to complement any setting
  • The perfect centerpiece display for any room


Invest in one of our amazing shadow box display cases from USAMM and elevate the display of your collection to a whole new level! Whether you are showcasing keepsakes, medals, or larger items, our display cases will highlight them in a stylish and elegant way. Choose from a variety of sizes and colors that suit your tastes and let your prized possessions shine with pride!