Festive Christmas Ornaments Shadow Box SVG: Free Download Offer

Free Christmas SVG Designs for Your Shadow Boxes

What are Shadow Boxes?

Shadow boxes are display cases that are used to hold and showcase cherished items like pictures, medals and other memorabilia. They are popular in home decor as well as in commercial spaces for displaying products. Shadow boxes are so named because they have a deep backing that casts a shadow and adds depth to the displayed items.

Why use Shadow Boxes?

Shadow boxes add character to any room and are useful for storing and displaying delicate or treasured items in a protective yet fashionable way. They can be hung on walls as decor or placed on desks and tables as conversation starters. Resembling a picture frame on steroids, shadow boxes come in various shapes and sizes with varying depths to hold items or collections, from miniature figurines to swords and family heirlooms.

What are SVGs?

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, and they are files that can be used in various design software to create images, fonts and shapes. These files can be resized without losing their quality, and they are ideal for creating designs, logos and other graphics for websites, print media and other digital platforms.

Free Christmas SVG Designs for Shadow Boxes

Christmas is an exciting time for designers, artists, and enthusiasts to create beautiful and meaningful items. Below are some free Christmas SVG designs that are perfect for your holiday shadow boxes.

1. Free SVG Christmas Shadow Box

This design features an intricate and festive Christmas tree with eye-catching details. The layers and depth make this design a perfect fit for a shadow box. The free SVG Christmas Shadow Box file can be downloaded easily and used to create stunning Christmas decor that will add charm to any space.

2. Layered Ornament SVG

The Layered Ornament SVG design is perfect for shadow boxes that have multiple layers. Its intricate patterns make it stand out and add depth to any holiday display. This design is perfect for DIY enthusiasts who want to create quality and stylish home decor.

3. Christmas Lightbox SVG

The Christmas Lightbox SVG design is perfect for those who want to add a touch of magic to their shadow boxes. Its intricate detailing allows for ample use of LED lights, adding an extra dimension to the design. The shadows add depth to the displayed items, giving them an almost 3D effect.

Free SVG for

Making a beautiful and intricate shadow box requires a few necessary skills like designing and cutting using software and machines. Basic digital design software like Adobe Illustrator or CoralDRAW is essential as well as a cutting machine like the Cricut or Silhouette machine. Using a cutting machine can be tricky, so practice and patience are necessary to get the best results.


In conclusion, shadow boxes are a great way to display and store cherished items and are perfect for the holiday season. Using SVG designs adds a touch of flair to the display, brightening up any space. With the right skills and tools, creating the perfect shadow box can be effortless, and the results are always rewarding.