Shadow Box Flag Display Case

Display Cases for Your Patriotic Treasures welcomes you to our article about flag display cases that will protect and showcase your beloved patriotic possessions. These cases are not only a symbol of your respect for the country, but also a way to preserve the memories attached to the flag.

Why Do You Need a Flag Display Case?

  • A Flag Display Case Keeps Your Flag Safe
  • To Showcase Your Awards and Medals
  • A Flag Case Keeps Your Memorabilia Dust-free

Patriotic items like flags, medals, and awards require special care. A flag display case not only prevents them from getting dirty but also adds to their longevity. It also protects them from dust and other harmful elements, ensuring they remain in mint condition.

The Various Types of Flag Display Cases

  1. Wooden Flag Display Case
  2. Triangle-shaped Flag Display Case
  3. Flag Display Cases with Pedestals

Wooden Flag Display Case

A wooden flag display case is a classic choice that adds a touch of elegance to your home decor. Made of premium quality wood, these cases are crafted to utmost perfection. They are available in various sizes and come in different finishes to suit your style.

Some popular wooden flag display cases include:

  • Red Oak Flag Display Case: This is a handmade case that comes with a glass front.
  • Cherry Flag Display Case: This case comes with a felt lining to protect the flag from any scratches.

Triangle-shaped Flag Display Case

If you’re looking for something unique, a triangle-shaped flag display case is an excellent option. These cases are made of high-quality materials and come with a glass front. They look great on a shelf or mantle and are perfect for displaying flags that have been folded into the traditional triangle shape.

Flag Display Cases with Pedestals

Flag display cases with pedestals are another great option. They come with a removable flag case that sits on a pedestal. These cases add a touch of grandeur to your home decor. They are commonly used to display larger flags, such as those used in military funerals.


In conclusion, a flag display case is not only a way to showcase your patriotic treasures but also a way to protect them from dust and harmful UV rays. Wooden flag display cases, triangle-shaped cases, and cases with pedestals are all great options for displaying your flags, awards, and other memorabilia. Choose the one that best suits your needs and style and preserve your cherished possessions for generations to come.