Jennifer Maker 3d Shadow Box

Jennifer Maker Shadow Box Tutorial – Step by Step Guide

Greetings viewers with! If you are a crafting enthusiast and love exploring new DIY projects, then you must have heard the name Jennifer Maker. Her creativity and graphic design skills are exceptional, which inspire many people to create beautiful art. One of her famous creations is a Paper Flower Shadow Box, which is a perfect gift for your loved ones.

What is a Shadow Box?

A Shadow Box is an artwork display that is enclosed in a frame. This artwork consists of multiple layers with various decorative elements on each layer to create depth and dimension to the piece. Jennifer Maker’s Paper Flower Shadow Box is a unique and beautiful creation that can be customized according to your preferences.

Here’s how you can make Jennifer Maker’s Paper Flower Shadow Box:

Step 1: Materials Required

  1. Shadow Box Frame
  2. Card Stock Paper in different colors
  3. Scissors, Pencil, Ruler
  4. Glue Gun or Double-sided tape
  5. Jennifer Maker’s Shadow Box Template

Step 2: Printing the Templates

Visit Jennifer Maker’s website and download the Shadow Box Template files. Once you have downloaded them, arrange the templates according to the design in the Shadow Box Frame. Print them on the Card Stock Paper using a color printer.

Use scissors to cut out each template piece carefully. Mark each piece with a pencil to indicate its position in the design.

Step 3: Assembling the Shadow Box

Prepare the Shadow Box Frame by removing the backboard and glass. Place the backboard on a flat surface and apply the Double-sided tape or glue gun around the edges.

Starting from the first layer, start gluing or taping the paper templates into the Shadow Box according to the marked positions using the Sizing and Quantity Chart. Repeat this for all layers until the final layer.

Step 4: Adding the Final Touch

Add the final touch by adding the Paper Flower on top of the last layer. Jennifer Maker has provided different Paper Flower Templates that can be used. You can choose the one that matches your design theme. Cut out the paper templates and assemble them according to the instructions provided.


The Paper Flower Shadow Box designed by Jennifer Maker is an amazing DIY project that you can create on your own. You can also customize it according to your preferences and gift it to your loved ones. This step-by-step guide will surely help you in making this beautiful artwork with ease.