Deep Shadow Box Display Case

Display Your Belongings in Style with Deep Shadow Boxes!

Extra Deep Jacket Display Case

If you are looking for a display case that can hold your favorite jacket or uniform, then look no further than the Extra Deep Jacket Shadow Box. With UV protection and available in four different wood finishes, this cabinet provides the perfect backdrop for your beloved sports gear.

  • Features extra deep design to accommodate thicker items
  • Comes with UV protection to prevent sun damage
  • Available in four different wood colors to match your decor

Show off your favourite team jersey in style with this stunning display case!

Large Wooden Deep Shadow Box

If you need a display case that can hold jewelry or small collectibles, check out the 10 x 10 X 8 1/4 Wooden Deep Shadow Box. This case includes a transparent glass cover, allowing you to protect your valuables from dust and accidental damage while still keeping them on display.

  1. Transparent glass cover protects your collectibles
  2. Large size accommodates bigger items with ease
  3. Attractive design complements any decor

This shadow box provides a functional and stylish solution for your valuables.

Black Shadow Box Display Frame

Showcase your prized possessions in the elegant 8×6 Black Shadow Box Display Frame. This gorgeous display case is perfect for sports souvenirs, medals, or prized collectibles. The black frame provides a sleek and modern backdrop that will make your treasures stand out.

  • Features a stylish black frame and a transparent glass cover
  • Compatible with various items of different sizes
  • Protects against any dust and accidental handling

Display your most cherished items in this premium display case.

Closing Thoughts

Deep Shadow Boxes are a beautiful way to showcase your favourite items and protect them from the elements. With a variety of sizes and finishes available, there is a shadow box that can accommodate any item, from sports gear to jewelry. With UV protection and transparent glass covers, these cases offer excellent protection without detracting from your items’ beauty.

So why wait? Find the perfect deep shadow box for your belongings today, and proudly display your cherished items in style!