Shadow Box Paper

Shadow Box Paper Art: A Beautiful Way to Preserve Memories

What are Shadow Boxes?

When it comes to preserving cherished memories, few things are as timeless and beautiful as a shadow box. These boxes are three-dimensional displays made to showcase irreplaceable moments. The items found inside these boxes could include anything from photographs, tickets, seashells, medals, flowers, or anything of sentimental value. With a DIY shadow box, you can get creative and make something unique to your taste.

You can also use a shadow box to showcase memorabilia or create a special gift for your loved ones. A homemade shadow box filled with special items that reflect your shared experiences can be a sentimental and thoughtful present that they will treasure forever.

At, we have compiled a list of popular ideas to help inspire you to create your shadow box, and we are sure you’ll find something that will pique your interest and unique style.

How to Make a Shadow Box?

You don’t have to be an expert in DIY to make a shadow box, and with a little effort, you can create a beautiful, personalized piece. This section will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to make a shadow box.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

The first thing you need to do is gather all the materials you will need. You will require a deep picture frame, craft glue, a cutting mat, cutting tools, a ruler, and the items you want to place inside the shadow box.

Step 2: Get Creative

The second step is to get your creative juices flowing and start designing your shadow box. Play around with the arrangement of the items you want to place inside, making sure you have enough space so that it doesn’t look cluttered.

You can decorate the back of the box using scrapbook paper, printed patterns or even paint it with acrylic paint. You can also add some depth to your shadow box using layers.

Step 3: Bring your Vision to Life

Lastly, start gluing your items and layers onto the back of the shadow box. Make sure that everything is securely attached and that your final product is both beautiful and functional.

Where to Buy Shadow Boxes?

If you’re not into the DIY and want convenience, you can buy premade shadow boxes online or stores that specialize in picture framing. With online stores like Amazon or Etsy, you can easily find ready-made or pre-cut shadow boxes for more convenience and a more extensive option to choose from.


A shadow box is an excellent way of sharing the story of your cherished memories. It’s a beautiful way to showcase sentimental items that hold value and bring joy and warmth into your house. With our guide, you can create your shadow box that you can enjoy for years to come.