Shadow Box With Slot

Display Your Memories with Shadow Box Frames

Create a Lasting Impression with Shadow Box Frames

Memories, both big and small, are precious and deserve to be displayed in a way that brings them to life. From ticket stubs to seashells, shadow box frames are the perfect way to showcase your precious mementos. At!, we offer a variety of shadow box frames that are sure to create a lasting impression with your treasured keepsakes.

  • 18 Beautiful Hinged Shadow Box Display: Our hinged shadow box display is an elegant way to display your memories. Its unique hinged design allows you to easily open and close the frame, while the glass front protects your treasures from dust and damage.
  • – Shadow Box Display Case with Slot 11 x 12 x 2.5: This top-rated shadow box frame is the perfect addition to any home décor. Its sleek design and compact size make it easy to display anywhere, while the built-in slot allows you to add new memories to your collection.
  • Adventure Fund Shadowbox with Coin Slot / Shadow Box / Display Box: Whether you’re saving for your next adventure or just looking for a fun way to display your travel keepsakes, our adventure fund shadowbox is the perfect solution. Its coin slot makes it easy to add money to your travel fund, while the display box allows you to showcase your favorite souvenirs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shadow Box Frames

  1. What is a shadow box frame? A shadow box frame is a type of picture frame that features a deep, recessed design that allows you to display three-dimensional items like seashells, jewelry, and other treasured mementos.
  2. What should I put in my shadow box frames? The possibilities are endless! Some popular items to display in a shadow box frame include ticket stubs, seashells, dried flowers, baby clothes, wedding invitations, and hand-written notes.
  3. How do I hang my shadow box frame? Most shadow box frames come with a built-in hanger or stand that makes them easy to display on a tabletop or wall. If your frame doesn’t come with a hanger, you can attach one using picture-hanging hardware.


At!, we believe that memories are an important part of life and should be cherished and displayed in a way that brings them to life. Our selection of shadow box frames offers a variety of options to showcase your favorite memories and treasured keepsakes. Whether you’re looking for an elegant hinged shadow box or a fun adventure fund shadowbox, we have everything you need to create a lasting impression with your memories. Shop our collection today and start creating a display that you’ll cherish for years to come.