Uniform Shadow Box

Shadow Boxes for Military and Law Enforcement Uniforms

Greetings viewers! Are you looking for a way to honor your military or law enforcement uniform? Perhaps you have a loved one who has served and would like to create a keepsake to display their uniform. A shadow box is a wonderful way to showcase the uniform and any accompanying medals, ribbons, or other memorabilia. Here, we will explore different options for military and law enforcement uniform shadow boxes.

Military Uniform Shadow Boxes

Military uniform shadow boxes are a popular way to display the accomplishments of a service member. These boxes can be personalized and customized to fit the specific branch of service or unit. Some options for military uniform shadow boxes include:

  1. Custom-made wooden boxes: These boxes can be made to order and can include engraved names, dates of service, and specific insignias. They can be made to hold the entire uniform or just a portion.
  2. DIY shadow boxes: If you are handy with tools, you can create your own shadow box to fit your specific uniform. This can include adding shelves, hooks, and other personalized touches.
  3. Pre-made shadow boxes: Many retailers offer pre-made military uniform shadow boxes with standard compartments for medals, ribbons, and patches. These can be a cost-effective option for those who want a display without the customization.

Law Enforcement Uniform Shadow Boxes

Law enforcement shadow boxes are a great way to display the dedication and service of a police officer, sheriff, or other law enforcement professional. Some options for law enforcement uniform shadow boxes include:

  • Custom-made wooden boxes: Similar to military uniform shadow boxes, custom-made law enforcement uniform shadow boxes can be made to order and personalized to fit the specific department or agency.
  • Uniform shadow box frames: These frames can be found at many craft stores and can be used to showcase the uniform in a more traditional frame format. They can come with or without compartments for additional memorabilia.
  • Police badge shadow boxes: For those who want to focus on the badge rather than the uniform, police badge shadow boxes can be a great option. These can be customized with specific department logos and names and can hold the badge and any accompanying pins or medals.


No matter which type of shadow box you choose, you can be sure that it will be a cherished keepsake for years to come. Take the time to personalize it with specific dates, names, and other relevant information to make it truly unique. Whether you are honoring a loved one or creating a display for yourself, a shadow box is a wonderful way to showcase the sacrifice and dedication of our military and law enforcement personnel.