Deep Photo Frame

Deep Frames: A Beautiful Way to Display Your Memories

What Are Deep Frames?

Deep frames are a unique type of picture frame that creates a “shadow box” effect, allowing your artwork or cherished items to be displayed with depth and dimension. They are designed to be deeper than standard picture frames, allowing you to include items such as seashells, flowers, or even cherished mementos, in your display. Whether you’re looking to create a unique wall display or a heartfelt gift for a loved one, deep frames are a beautiful way to showcase your most treasured memories.

What Makes Deep Frames So Special?

Unlike traditional picture frames, deep frames offer a range of creative possibilities. They can be used to create a personalized display of cherished items, such as a collection of seashells or a child’s artwork, or to highlight a treasured photograph with added depth and dimension. Deep frames are often used in interior design to create a focal point in a room, adding texture and interest to a plain wall. They are a popular choice for art galleries and exhibitions, as they allow artwork to be displayed in a way that is both artistic and innovative.

The Different Types of Deep Frames:
  1. Classic Deep Frame: The most common type of deep frame, a classic deep frame typically has a depth of 2-3 inches and can be used to display a range of items, from photographs and artworks to souvenirs and keepsakes.
  2. Shadow Box Frame: A shadow box frame is a special type of deep frame that has space between the glass and the backing, allowing for a 3D effect when certain items are added.
  3. Floater Frame: A floater frame is a minimalist deep frame that can make a statement without detracting from the artwork. It is often used to frame gallery-wrapped canvases.
The Benefits of Using Deep Frames:
  • Adds depth and dimension to your displays.
  • Allows for creative and personalized displays.
  • Adds texture and interest to a room’s decor.
  • Protects and showcases your cherished memories.

Where Can You Get Deep Frames?

There are many online retailers and local stores that carry a variety of deep frames to fit your needs. Etsy is a great marketplace to discover unique and handmade frames from independent sellers. You can also visit your local craft store or framing store to find deep frames in various sizes and styles. Additionally, many interior design and home goods stores offer deep frames as part of their selection.


Deep frames are a beautiful and creative way to display your cherished memories. With the added depth and dimension, they allow you to create a personalized and unique wall display or gift for a loved one. Whether you opt for a classic deep frame or a shadow box frame, deep frames are a perfect choice for anyone looking to showcase their keepsakes, artwork, and photographs in a special way. Take your display to the next level with a deep frame and let your treasured memories shine.