16×20 Shadow Box

Display Your Treasures with 16×20 Shadow Boxes

Preserve Your Memories with Floral 16×20 Shadow Boxes

At Svgand.com, we understand how important your memories are to you. That is why we offer a beautiful 16×20 shadow box that lets you display and preserve your precious keepsakes in style.

Our floral-themed shadow box is perfect for preserving your beautiful dried flowers and bouquet arrangements. Superbly handcrafted, this shadow box comes with a vintage-style frame which is just the perfect backdrop for your preserved flower arrangement. Whether it is an exotic bouquet or dried petals of a memorable occasion, you can keep them organized and eye-catching with our 16×20 shadow box.

In addition to being a great way of preserving your memories, our shadow box makes for a stunning decorative addition to your home. You can personalize it by having it inscribed with inspirational words of your choice or even adding a photo to complement your preserved keepsakes.

Get Extra Depth for Your 16×20 Shadow Box

If you are looking for something a little different, then Svgand.com has got you covered with our extra deep 16×20 shadow box. With a choice of either 4 or 5 inches, our extra deep shadow box gives you more room for your keepsakes, allowing you to freely showcase the depth and beauty of your precious items.

Our extra deep shadow box is perfect for displaying a wide range of items, from 3D art to medals, or even sports jerseys. Not only can you now preserve your sentimental memories in style, but your items will also be protected from dust, dirt or any other potential damage while still remaining visible.

Our extra deep shadow box also makes a great gift for your loved ones, that is unique, functional, and of course eye-catching. Whether it is on a special occasion or a just-because surprise, you can give them an enduring keepsake to last a lifetime.

Enjoy Extra Room with Our 16×20 Shadow Box

Svgand.com also offers a 16×20 shadow box that lets you enjoy the beauty of extra room without necessarily adding the extra depth. Our 16×20 shadow box with extra space allows you to display larger-sized items freely, while still providing the necessary protection to preserve them for years to come.

Our 16×20 shadow box is perfect for displaying a variety of items, including cherished family photographs, awards, and memorabilia. With the extra room, you can even create a themed display, showcasing multiple items that tell your family’s unique story. Additionally, you can easily switch out the items as desired, to showcase different parts of your story whenever you like.

Our shadow box makes an excellent addition to your home decor as well, with various customizable options to choose from. You can choose any color, design, or inscription to ensure that the shadow box blends seamlessly with your home’s aesthetic.

Wrap Up

Svgand.com offers you a variety of exquisite 16×20 shadow boxes, with each one providing you with an opportunity to preserve your memories in a frame. You can select any of our shadow boxes to suit your needs and create a beautiful home decoration that will last a lifetime.