Memorial Flag Display Case

Memorial Flag Display Cases for Honoring Your Beloved Ones

Cherry Wood with Maple Inlay

Are you searching for a perfect way to honor your deceased family member who served your country? A Memorial Flag Display Case is an excellent option to hold and display the cherished memory of your loved one who served in the military. The solid construction and elegant design of a cherry wood display case with a maple inlay make it a perfect choice for a memorial display. Plus, the bullets and casings inside the case represent your beloved one’s service with honor and distinction.

When creating our Memorial Flag Display Case, we only use high-quality cherry wood and maple inlay that complies with the military memorial standards. We have paid attention to every little detail so that our customers receive the perfect product to commemorate the service of the ones they love.

Our cherry wood with maple inlay Memorial Flag Display Case is a unique and handcrafted one that comes with hardware to mount on the wall. You can also keep it on the surface as it comes with a base stand. It holds a perfect A4 size flag (24L x 12H) and also has a glass front to prevent any dust or damage.

Flag Display Case with Inset

You might want a flag display case without the bullets and casings inside, and that’s why we have designed a variant with an inset. It’s a perfect fit for standard A4 flags (24L x 12H), and its glass front prevents any dust accumulation or damage to the flag.

Military personnel and veterans consider their flags with high honor and respect, and our Flag Display Case With Inset is an ideal way to show that respect to the flags of your beloved ones. It’s a handcrafted product with great attention to detail, and it comes with a hardware kit to mount it on the wall or have it on the surface with a base stand.

If you want a custom designed flag display case with your preferred specifications, we are here to help. Whether it’s a particular size, wood, or design, we can adjust our product to satisfy your needs.

Different Types of Flag Cases

  • Memorial Flag Display Case with Shell Casings; Cherry with Maple Inlay or Walnut with Oak Inlay
  • Flag Display Case with Inset
  • Flag Display Case with Adjustable Easy Access Door
  • Flag & Medals Display Case
  • Memorial Flag Display Case with Award Military Medallion and Engraved Plate

Whichever type of flag case you choose, it’s a proper way to show your love and respect for your deceased family member or friend who honorably served their country. Our products are handcrafted and designed by experts to meet the highest standards of craftsmanship and durability.


A Memorial Flag Display Case is a perfect way to show your love, respect, and honor to a deceased family member or friend who served their country with distinction. Our flag cases are handcrafted, made of high-quality wood, and designed with great attention to detail. You can choose from various types of flag cases, including a memorial flag display case with shell casings, a flag display case with inset, a flag display case with an adjustable easy access door, a flag, and medals display case, or a memorial flag display case with an award military medallion and engraved plate. Whichever type you choose, our products are a fitting tribute to your beloved ones’ military service, and they will always be cherished for years to come.