Floating In Memories: Creating A Floating Shadow Box

Floating Memories: The Art of Immortalizing Moments

The Power of Memories

Throughout our lives, we accumulate memories of happy and unforgettable moments. We cherish them as they hold the power to transport us back to significant times in our lives. As we grow old, our memories become more valuable and precious to us, reminding us of the life we’ve lived and the people we’ve shared it with. These memories can be preserved through different means such as photographs, videos, and paintings.

  • Photographs – Photographs are a popular way of capturing memories. They can be printed and displayed anywhere, from our homes to our workspaces. Photographs allow us to remember people, places and events with clarity and emotion.
  • Videos – Videos have the power to encapsulate moments like no other medium. They preserve not only the image but also the sound and movement, making the memory come alive.
  • Paintings – Paintings are a unique way of capturing memories. They allow us to see the memory through the eyes of an artist, capturing not only the moment but also the emotions that were felt at that time.

The Art of Floating Memories

Floating memories are a contemporary and creative way of displaying memories. They are displayed in a way that gives the impression that they are suspended in mid-air. Floating memories are usually created using shadow box frames that have a transparent front cover and a space behind it that allows the items to be displayed in a 3D-like manner. Here are some items that can be used to create floating memories.

  1. Old Photos and Keepsakes – Old photographs and keepsakes like plane tickets, movie tickets, and flowers can be arranged to create a sentimental and meaningful floating memory.
  2. Travel Memories – Souvenirs collected from travels such as seashells, small rocks, and postcards can be arranged and displayed in a floating memory, preserving the memories of a beautiful vacation.
  3. Special Moments – Special moments like anniversaries, birthdays, and proposals can be captured and displayed in a floating memory, immortalizing the occasion.

Choosing the Perfect Frame

The right frame for your floating memory can bring it to life. When choosing a frame, it’s essential to consider the size of the items you’ll be displaying. The frame should also match the style and color scheme of the room it’ll be displayed in. Shadow box frames made from materials like Dibond or wood can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your floating memories.


Float memories are a unique and creative way of displaying precious moments that you hold dear to your heart. These memories can be displayed anywhere, from your living room to the office. Preserving memories through floating memories, photographs, and videos allows us to hold onto the beauty of the past and reminisce in the present.