Square Shadow Boxes: Symmetry And Style In Display

Stylish Shadow Box Frames to Accentuate Your Décor

Small Square Dark Wood Shadow Box Frame

Are you looking for an intricately designed shadow box frame to add more personality to your room? Check out this small square dark wood shadow box frame by Restlessgeneralstore. With its simple yet elegant design, it’s suitable for any type of display, whether it’s a memorabilia or a scrapbook page. The frame’s depth can also accommodate multiple items, giving you more flexibility on what to include.

Key features:

  • Dark wood finish for a timeless look
  • Sturdy build quality for longer lasting use
  • Small but spacious interior to accommodate various items

Whether you’re creating a gallery wall or just adding it as a stand-alone piece, this shadow box frame is sure to impress.

18cm Square Grey Wooden Deep Shadow Box Frame

Want to make a bold statement with your shadow box frame? Take a look at this 18cm square grey wooden deep shadow box by Scrabble. It’s perfect for displaying 3D items, such as souvenirs or collectibles, as its depth allows for a layered effect that gives more depth to your display. The frame’s minimalist design also allows the focus to be on what’s inside.

Key features:

  1. Modern grey wooden finish for a contemporary look
  2. Deep frame to accommodate 3D items
  3. Easy to open back with secure fitting to keep your items safe

Add this shadow box frame to your living room or bedroom to give it a touch of sophistication.

Wood Square Shadow Boxes (Set of 3)

Do you want to showcase multiple items but want a cohesive look? These wood square shadow boxes in a set of 3 by Walmart are the perfect solution. With its versatile design, you can create a visually stunning display wherever you want. The wall-mounted feature also gives you more placement options to maximize your space.

Key features:

  • Three different sizes for added versatility
  • Floating design for a unique effect
  • Can be used to display a variety of items from photos to small décor pieces

Get this set of shadow boxes to give your room a cohesive and stylish touch.


In conclusion, shadow box frames are a great way to add more personality and style to your home décor. Each frame mentioned above has its unique features that cater to different preferences and tastes. Whether you want a simple but elegant design or a bold statement piece, there’s a shadow box frame for you. So don’t hesitate to add more character to your space with these stylish frames.