Free Laser Cut Keychain SVG Files: Geometric And Floral Designs

Laser Cut Keychains: An Overview


Keychains are a ubiquitous accessory that people use to keep their keys organized and readily accessible. Laser cut keychains have become increasingly popular due to their precision cutting and unique designs. They are made using a laser cutter that precisely cuts through different materials, creating intricate and detailed designs. Laser cut keychains are perfect for personal use, as gifts, or as a business opportunity for entrepreneurs.

Laser Cut Keychain Design Ideas

There are countless design ideas for laser cut keychains. From shapes to patterns to custom images, the possibilities are limitless. Some popular design ideas include:

  • Animals
  • Quotes
  • Famous landmarks
  • Musical instruments
  • Sports teams

You can also create laser cut keychains that are personalized with a person’s name, initials, or a special date.

How to Make Laser Cut Keychains

To make laser cut keychains, you need a laser cutter and a design or template. The laser cutter will precisely cut out the design from a material of your choice, which can range from wood to acrylic to leather. Your design can be in the form of an SVG file that you can create using design software, or you can use a pre-made template.

Once you have your design or template, you can upload it to the laser cutter’s software. The software will use the design to guide the laser cutter’s cutting path. Once the keychain design is cut out, you can then add any additional accessories, such as keyrings or tassels.

Popular Laser Cut Keychains Designs

Some of the most popular laser cut keychain designs include:

Design Material
Animals Wood
Quotes Acrylic
Famous landmarks Leather
Musical instruments Acrylic
Sports teams Wood

Regardless of the design, laser cut keychains are a unique and personal accessory that anyone can enjoy.

Laser Cut Keychain Templates

If you don’t have design software or the skills to create your own designs, you can use a premade keychain template. There are many websites and platforms that offer laser cut keychain templates, some even for free. Some popular websites include:

  • So Fontsy
  • Etsy
  • Free SVG Images

These platforms offer a variety of templates that you can customize to fit your preferences. They also have multilayer laser cut templates that add depth and dimension to your keychain designs.

5 Keychains Bundle Multilayer Laser Cut Files Free

So Fontsy offers a bundle of five multilayer laser cut keychain templates for free on their website. These templates include designs such as a camera, a cactus, and a pineapple. Each template has multiple layers that add depth and texture to the designs.

The bundle also includes SVG files, making it easy to upload and cut out your designs using a laser cutter. These designs are perfect for creating a set of keychains to give as gifts or to use as a personal accessory.

Tropical Round Keychain Patterns SVG

Free SVG Images offers a free tropical round keychain pattern SVG. This design features tropical leaves and flowers that create a beautiful and unique accessory. The design can be cut out of any material of your choice and can be personalized to make it even more special.

The SVG file is easy to download and use with most design software. This design is perfect for those who love tropical or floral themes and want an accessory that stands out.


Laser cut keychains are a fun and unique accessory that anyone can enjoy. From personalized designs to pre-made templates, the possibilities are endless. With a laser cutter and some creativity, you can create your own custom keychains that are tailored to your personality and style.