Keychain SVGs For Cricut: Free Downloadable Designs

Keychain SVG Templates – A Comprehensive Guide

Keychains are not just a phenomenal way to personalize your keys, but also a fantastic way to create a unique gift. Making your own keychain with your customized design is very simple, and you don’t even need to be a designer. With keychain SVG templates, you can easily make your own designs and bring them to life with your Cricut cutting machine.

Where to Find Free Keychain SVG Templates

SVG templates are the most popular design files for crafts, including keychains. The internet is filled with sites that offer free and paid templates, from where you can download and use them. The following are some excellent options to get started:

  • Etsy: Offers a wide range of designs and template options made by skilled designers. These templates are more detailed and of higher quality.
  • Crafters SVG: This website offers plenty of exciting and fun designs. Some are accessible for free, while others require payment for their use.
  • Free SVG: This website provides a wide collection of SVG designs for free. With a user-friendly interface, there are several designs to choose from.

If you have a design idea in mind but cannot find a suitable template, you can quickly create your own with designing software like Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape or Figma.

Tips on Designing Your Keychain SVG Templates

Designing your own keychain SVG templates can be a fun and creative process. The following tips can be ideal for producing the best designs:

  1. Keep it simple: Creating an intricate design for a small keychain can make it difficult to see clearly. Focus on simple and recognizable shapes.
  2. Consider the material: The material you decide to cut the design into will affect the outcome. A detailed design may be less clear on a glittered material.
  3. Size Matters: Select the size of your SVG design according to how visible you want it to be on your keychain.

Once you have designed the keychain SVG template, all that is left is to upload your design into Cricut Design Space and create the final product using your cutting machine.

The Best Materials to Use for Your Keychain

The material you choose to cut your design into is also an essential consideration when creating a keychain. Below are some common materials you can use:

Material Description
Acrylic Acrylic is shatter-resistant, lightweight with a glass-like surface. It’s a popular choice for creating keychains since it’s durable and available in various colors.
Wood Wooden keychains can add a natural feel and rustic look to your design. The type of wood can affect how intricate designs will appear on it.
Leather Leather is an excellent choice for creating stylish keychains. It has a masculine feel, making it perfect for a gift to a male recipient.

Everyone needs a keychain, and there are no better ones than those with your custom designs. Using keychain SVG designs can allow you to create endless possibilities in designs, making them perfect personal statement pieces or gifts.


Now that you know all about creating your own keychain SVG template, finding free designs, tips on designing, and materials to use, you’re all set to start creating your very own personalized keychains. Make the best use of these templates to give your creativity a whole new level of wings. Happy Crafting!