Laser Cut Keychain Designs: Free SVG Templates For Makers

Keychains: A Closer Look at Laser Cutting Projects

Keychains have become a popular accessory for personalizing one’s belongings. With the advancement of technology, laser cutting projects have paved the way for creating intricate designs and unique shapes for keychains. Let’s take a closer look at the world of keychains and laser cutting.

The Beauty of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a process that uses a laser beam to cut through materials like wood, acrylic, and metal with precision. This technique has become increasingly popular among artists, designers, and DIY enthusiasts who want to create unique pieces. Laser cutting projects offer a wide range of possibilities, from personalized gifts to custom-made jewelry.

If you’re looking to create your own keychains, free SVG files for keychains are widely available online. These vector files can be easily imported into laser cutting software, which can then produce the design onto material with precision and speed.

The Keychain SVG Design

The keychain SVG design is among the most popular designs for laser cutting projects. This design encompasses a range of styles and can be customized to fit different preferences. Some popular keychain SVG designs include animals, shapes, and popular sayings. The laser cutting process allows for intricate details, making the designs stand out.

  • Animal designs: Laser cut keychains with animal designs can range from simple shapes to more realistic representations of animals. Some popular options include cats, dogs, and birds.
  • Shape designs: Keychains with shape designs are versatile and can be customized to fit different themes. These designs can be as simple as a circle or square, or as complex as a mandala or a geometric shape.
  • Popular sayings: Keychains with popular sayings or quotes have become increasingly popular as people seek inspiration in their daily lives. These designs are simple yet impactful and can be customized to fit different fonts and colors.

The possibilities for keychain SVG designs are endless, making them a great option for personalized gifts or as an addition to your own collection.

The Keychain SVG Bundle

If you’re looking to create a collection of keychains, the keychain SVG bundle is an excellent option. This bundle typically includes multiple designs that can be imported into laser cutting software for fast and efficient production.

One laser cut keychain bundle that has gained popularity is the glowforge SVG file laser cut keychain bundle on Etsy. This bundle offers a variety of designs, including popular sayings, geometric shapes, and animal designs. Once purchased, the SVG files can be imported into Glowforge software for production.

Laser Cut Keychain Projects

If you’re new to creating laser cut keychains, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure you have access to a laser cutting machine or work with a company that offers laser cutting services. Second, choose the material carefully, as different materials require different settings and techniques. Finally, always double-check the design before production to avoid any errors or mistakes.

The world of laser cutting projects and keychains offers a wide range of possibilities for DIY enthusiasts and small business owners. Whether you’re looking to create personalized gifts or expand your product line, laser cutting is an excellent option.


Keychains are a fun and unique way to personalize your belongings or offer as gifts to loved ones. Laser cutting offers a precise and efficient way to create custom designs onto keychain material. From popular sayings to animal designs, the possibilities for keychain SVG designs are endless. If you’re looking to create a collection of keychains, the keychain SVG bundle is an excellent option. Keep in mind that laser cutting requires careful planning and attention to detail, but the end result is worth the effort.